Legislation and Advocacy

Children’s Poverty Alliance is strongly involved at the national level in observing legislation, funding opportunities, advocacy opportunities and resources that could aid one’s work as the voice for children and families in your community, state and nationwide.

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Staying Up to Date

  • Children’s Poverty Alliance will research and reevaluate past State Legislative and Advocacy that did not impact change when needed to affect children in poverty
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Legislation to Know

  • Get to know the latest legislative actions and policies that affect you
  • How legislation and policies are being implemented



  • Information about navigate through committees
  • Information about current bills including:
  • What they are about
  • Why they matter
  • Where they are in the legislative process

Resources from States​

  • Directory of state advocacy organizations
  • Contacts to each state’s legislative websites
  • Find your state Medicaid Director (Please note: twelve states that have not expanded Medicaid: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.)
  • Find your state Mental Health Commissioner
  • Submit news from your state

Advocacy Toolkit, we will provide.

  • The basics
  • Tools and resources to build advocacy skills
  • Tips for writing and speaking as an advocate


Advocacy Toolkit

Our Advocacy Toolkit is designed to help both individuals and organizations in their work as advocates and representatives of children and family voices in their communities, states and nationwide. We are very open to suggestions for additional materials that should be included or are looking for technical assistance with advocacy, please email us. Together we can be effective.

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